Up the Hudson to West Point

May 28, 2016 – We left NYC headed up the Hudson to the West Point Area.    Daughter Kelly, Ally, and Mike T (Army bud of Bob) joined us for a few days.     Mike’s wife, daughter and son came along for a tour of NY harbor, and Bob’s nephew Mary and friend rode along to West Point.

I think we could motor around NYC as many times as asked because it is an unbelievably interesting spot.    After a hour tour, we returned Mike’s family to the dock and headed north.




As we headed north, we passed under the Tappen Zee Bridge, which is being rebuilt with an entirely new replacement bridge.   Ally’s brother is one of the project engineers/managers of the construction, and it is an impressive site.

After 20 miles or so, the terrain changes dramatically, with  mountains and cliffs surrounding the river.     Finally, there was some warm weather – 90 degrees which is pretty warm for the area, and actually the warmest weather we have had since leaving Hilton Head.

Passing West Point, Mike T gave us the windshield tour as he attended school there.    About a  mile or so north, we briefly docked in Cold Spring, a cute town on the eastern shore of the river.  The riverfront Marina we planned to tie up at was empty with a police sign that warned boats off, but there was a bulkhead nearby on a city park that looked promising so we headed there. Folks on shore helped us tie up, and were unsure if tie ups were allowed, but fortunately no one came and ticketed us for being in a no parking zone.  Ice cream was served for all!   We wondered around the shops on main street for a while, dropped off Mary and her chum who headed back to NYC by train.


We spent the night in Newburgh, up the river a few miles.   Given that it is Memorial Day weekend, the docks were pretty full.    We were docked right next to Billy Joe’s Ribworks, and it was a rowdy crowd celebrating Memorial day and the great weather.   The band favored Beyonce, Pit Bull, and Backstreet Boys, which is great until about midnight. Or, if you’re musical taste runs only to Bach and no further (Bob) it was horrible…..  But……the band played on until the wee hours, rocking the boat along with the crowd on shore. Actually the boat rocked all on its own as the Hudson River currents and the tidal surge from the ocean are still clashing this far up the river.


The next morning, Bob rented a car and took us to West Point, where Mike T gave us the guided tour.   Beautiful place, with much tradition and history.  Many of Bob’s family attended the Academy. Mike T pointed out that today’s 4000 +- cadet corps can major in many different disciplines. When Mike graduated in 1979 all cadets received a Bachelor’s in general engineering.


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  1. This was the leg I would have loved to have made. John Fox, Fred’s son, used to live at the marina across from the NY Times Building and near the water taxi landing on the Jersey side. It is also the place where that pilot landed the plane in the water.
    As for the Tappan Zee bridge, I have had claims there! You are having many adventures and love that you are getting good weather.
    Daddy would have LOVED to have had an anchor alarm. Seafox


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