Evening Star was purchased with the sole plan of doing the great loop.   After many years of discussion, 2 guys (Bob & Mike) decided to buy a boat and go – before they get too old!   The plan is to go for a few weeks at a time, return home to catch up with family, and/or wife and kids, then return to the boat and repeat.    We are starting out of Port Royal/Hilton Head SC.    We purchased the boat in Stuart FL, and moved it to Hilton Head, so have already gone several hundreds of miles to get the journey started.

Our plan is to go to Canada, Montreal, Ottawa, etc. and take the Canadian canal system through to Georgian Bay.     Our hope is to reach Chicago by August, Mobile by October, Florida by December.   We will finish off the loop in 2017, probably by late spring.

We are having lots of family and friends join us for the journey, and are creating this blog so others can view what’s happening and join in the adventure.

As newbie small yacht owners we are learning as we go.  Boats, albeit smaller ones have been in our lives for many, many years, so we aren’t totally new to boating.   This is just on a larger scale.

Most of the prep work, repairs, and maintenance on the vessel have been done by us.  As engineers we have some familiarity with the systems on the boat, and have hopefully created a trustworthy vessel.   Just in case, we have all the requisite safety and survival gear!!

Follow along and wish us safe and fun travels!!

And yes, that’s Emily doing the Titanic imitation in Port Royal Sound, SC!







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