Atlantic City to Sandy Hook

May 26, 2016 – Uneventful…..   That is the description of our transit to Sandy Hook.   Good news since we were out in the Atlantic.    Weather was great and smooth travels at 20mph.  We actually ended up in a place called Atlantic Highlands, which is in Sandy Hook Bay.

We are within sight of the Verazzano Narrows Bridge.   It turns out that it is fleet week, where a bunch of naval ships are in New York.    We saw an helicopter carrier, a frigate and an Aegis cruiser going into New York Harbor, which was a fantastic site to see.

Since we have our new anchor and chain, and because we haven’t done it before, we decided to anchor out in a protected spot.   This is actually a bit worrisome because sometimes the anchor doesn’t “stick” and the boat can drift.  Nothing disturbs a good slumber like the sound of your boat running aground or hitting something !!  Turns out there’s an app for that – anchor alarm!    You open the app and set the distance the boat can drift from where you dropped anchor.    If you drift outside that zone – voila, an alarm sounds!    Perfect sleeping aid! And if you are in the forward cabin (Bob) you also have an anchor alarm – the chain pops loudly when the tide changes as the boat swings around. And since you don’t know what’s going on, you panic, and bolt outside up on the forward deck in your skivvies to assess the situation and do nothing as the boat drifts into one of it’s more well anchored neighbors. Well, fortunately it wasn’t drifting and the air was refreshing and it was dark enough so…..

We had no problems anchoring, and yes the alarm went off once, but only because we had set our “drift” allowance to a small circle just to be on the safe side.  Nothing was amiss, so back to sleep……

We have an extra day that we made up because the weather was favorable, so tomorrow we go to long island sound, around Manhattan on the East River side.  It will be fun!


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