Norfolk to Solomon’s Island

May 6, 2016 – As you can see the Norfolk marina was crowded with boats.   There were 250 folks that attended the great loop convention.   Learned a lot about Canada, locks, etc.    Of course we bought the America’s Great Loop Flag to fly as we travel along.    One interesting detail is that apparently boaters create cards similar to business cards that are for your boat to hand out as you meet folks while docking.   What a revelation!  I guess we will have to make some cards as everyone asks for one.

We left Norfolk on Cinco de Mayo – it should have been Sinko de Bad Weathero as it was rainy, windy and cold.    Headed up the Chesapeake Bay, we managed to make it to the York River and stayed at a little marina near Yorktown.   For sure, the weather was not favorable for Evening Star on this day.

The next morning we departed around 8 and made it to Deltaville VA, our original destination.   You might say we were “anchored” at Deltaville – we got our new anchor and chain here.   Very exciting, and took about 15 minutes to install.  Simple, short. and painful lesson all in one!  Deltaville has but one primary business, boating.   There are a bunch of boatyards and marinas there, and just a small town that basically exists because of the marinas.   A kind yacht broker who worked at the marina took us to a little cafe in town for a midmorning breakfast.    Excellent food.

We left around 2PM and headed for Solomon’s Island, a small town in Maryland on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.   It appears to be a sailing town.    We docked around 6:30PM, and walked towards town for some grub.

Tomorrow we head to St Michaels.   Rick departs the boat, and Vic and Trey arrive to spend the weekend with us.       After St. Michaels we head to Annapolis.   Stay tuned!




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  1. Set out on a three hour tour and the weather started getting bad, if not for the skill of the fearless crew the Minnow, I mean Evening Star, would be lost. Great having two days and two nights with the boys. Enjoyed nearly every minute. All the best on the journey and hope I get another chance to join in. Rick


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