Coinjock to Norfolk

April 30, 2016 – This leg of the trip was interesting and fun.   We went through our first lock in Great Bridge, VA.  It’s only about a 2-3 foot drop, but the lock was 600 feet long.    Going through Norfolk was also cool – passing the Norfolk shipyard and a bunch of ships, some in giant dry docks.   We saw the newest US aircraft Carrier, The George Bush.   A verrry big boat.

We are staying at Waterside Marina in downtown Norfolk and will be here until Thursday.   Donna, Kelly and Brian are returning to Raleigh today.   Bob and I are staying to attend the America’s Great Loop Association rendezvous/conference taking place in Norfolk this week.  They have a bunch of seminars on traveling to Canada and such, so we can learn before we head out.

There’s a great Nautical Museum here called Nauticus, about 200 yards from the marina.   The Battleship Wisconsin is part of the museum.   Also a huge ship that was last used in the Gulf War, but was used in WWII extensively, and was launched in 1943.

Norfolk is a much better town than anticipated, with lots of interesting shops and restaurants downtown.

We next head up the Chesapeake, and plan to depart Thursday.   What with all that we will learn at the AGLA conference, I’m sure we will be much better at boating when we depart!

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  1. There is also the Crysler Museum in Norfolk that’s interesting


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