Solomon’s Island to St Michaels & Annapolis

May 7, 2016 – After some rainy weather, Rick left the ship to head back to Northern VA.  Vic and son Trey came on board for the trip to St Michaels and on to Annapolis.    The provisions  that they brought on board will last for quite some time!  Thanks guys (and I’m sure first mate Nancy had something to do with this – total awesomeness on the home cooked cake/bread concoction)!

After several days of rain and wind, the weather for the trip to St Michaels was very calm, although a bit cool.  Along the way, Trey became an expert seaman’s helper on some maintenance work, and was very proficient at sitting behind the wheel and dialing the autopilot to follow course.  He was also a pretty good crab pot dodger.  Trey celebrated his birthday on board – a first for Evening Star, but with all the gray hair around him he was still a youngster to us!  Get used to it Trey, we will still call you that when you are 50!

St Michaels is a quaint town, and is known as the “town that fooled the British”.  Apparently, in the war of 1812, the town dimmed it’s lights and used lanterns in fields to misled the British. As a result, their cannons overshot the town, thus saving the city.    It was also know for shipbuilding – fast schooners were the specialty.   Now, the town is more of a great weekend getaway, with lots of boats visiting from Annapolis and Baltimore, along with a bunch of B&B’s.    We, of course, have no need for such places given the accommodations aboard the Star!

The trip to Annapolis from St Michaels is pretty short, probably 30 miles or so.    Winds had picked up, so bumpier than the day before.    We also deployed our new anchor and chain for practice and to take a look at the anchor locker.  Sure enough, it can anchor us – good news when needed.  Chesapeake bay was busy this day, lots of fishing boats to miss, and sailors out on the bay because of the wind.  There were a bunch of lighthouses along the way, as well as a number of large commercial ships.

Annapolis is a beautiful harbor, with the naval academy right on the shore.   It’s also the capital of Maryland, and the legislature building can be seen from the harbor as well.

The harbor is busy and crowded.      Although we have visited many times in the past,   I was reminded that this is still a very scenic spot.  Vic and Trey departed via transportation provided by a very pregnant Anneslee (Vic’s daughter), and soon to be dad Charlie.

Tomorrow we depart for Baltimore, or “Balimore” if you are a local.

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