Lake Michigan -Charlevoix & Traverse City

July 20, 2016 – The run from Mckinac to Charlevoix was uneventful, and the most interesting thing was the Mackinac Bridge, a huge bridge that crosses the  narrows that separate Lake Michigan from Lake Huron..

Charlevoix is a picturesque town with a nice waterfront and host to many festivals throughout the summer.   The Venetian festival was about to start when we arrived.    This is an annual festival where folks return to their hometown, and is popular for others as well.    In any  case, they were certainly gearing up for it, with tents and activities being set up as we left (by car)for Traverse City.

Traverse City turned out to be a fun town, with a great waterfront that seemed like a popular vacation spot.    It is also known as the Cherry Capitol, with stores dedicated to all things cherry, and from personal experience, boasts some of he best cherry pie around.     We also visited Sleeping Bear Dunes, a huge sand dune on Lake Michigan that is miles wide and long.    Much of the eastern shore of the Lake is dune area, which to us was a surprise.   After spending a night in Traverse City, we headed home for a few weeks to recover and catch up.


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