Chesapeake City to Cape May – Twice

May 21, 2016 – We left Chesapeake City on a rainy day with less than perfect weather.   Don stayed with us, and we hoped to make the 60-70 mile trip to Cape May.    Well – the winds blew, and the rain came, and we, we, turned around after going 50 miles.     The last bit of travel is in the widest part of Delaware Bay, and headed directly into the Atlantic Ocean.      Too rough for the Minnow, er Evening Star!

We returned to Delaware City, which is located at the east end of the Chesapeake Canal.  So, essentially we went 90 miles and advanced 10 or so.    Good choice though as it was pretty rough!    We knew the voyage on Delaware Bay and up to Sandy Hook was going to be the most weather impacted part of the trip, since it is in wide spaces and open ocean, subject to winds and weather.   This is why we put some extra days in the trip schedule, which turned out to be needed!

At the entrance to Delaware bay a narrow and shallow canal lead into Delaware City and our marina. The marina was completely full as most boats were waiting for better weather. Walking in the soaking rain to dinner in Delaware City was miserable, and all of us were soaked when done.    Food at a place called Crabbie’s was good though.

The owner of the marina gave a “weather talk” to the boats that stayed there overnight.    Turns out he was pretty good, and predicted a good travel day – waves not too high and winds not too bad – in the morning.

Next day, sure enough the weather had improved.    We waited until mid morning to leave as the winds were to die down in the afternoon.    Delaware Bay is busy with large ships, and larger ships and barges.   It is also quite a bit wider than you would imagine, more than 15 miles across in spots.       It was a breeze making progress, and smooth seas to Cape May.  We had a bit of fog, and quite a bit of deja vu since we had been on most of the trip before!

Arriving at Cape May in the mid afternoon, we walked the mile or so to downtown.   Can you say Victorian architecture?    Definitely cool in its day, Cape May has that beach town vibe, t-shirts, ice cream shops, etc.   but also some cool homes and such.    The famous Lobster House restaurant accommodated us for dinner.  I have no idea why it is named such – they did have lobster but certainly not a local treat. Food was good but the restaurant was not busy as full summer season still a few weeks away.

Don left early the next day – we appreciate him going with us, and had a great time.    Don, next time you will get the little shampoo and soap items, as well as turn down service and the little mints with Evening Star on them – we promise…..

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we head as far as we can get – either Sandy Hook, Atlantic City, or somewhere in between.

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