We Were Boarded! – Deaux

June 18,2016 – In Ottawa, we stayed along the canal wall not far from the large flight of locks and close to Parliament.  On the first night, Bob, who sleeps in the salon, heard noises on the back deck of the boat.    “Rambo” as he is known in some circles awoke from his slumber. Moving like stealthy lightning, he opened the back door and behold, several kids were climbing on the boat.    They mumbled something, chuckling as they left the boat, leaving Bob there on guard!

The very next night, “Rambo” was called to action again, this time to even more noise -such that Scott & Mike, aka, “the slept through it reinforcements” slowly awoke to find Bob outside, having run off another group of laughing youngsters.   Nothing was stolen or harmed, but we have nominated Bob to receive the official Evening Star Medal of Honor for going above and beyond the call, protecting the boat from all attacks and driving back the infidel hordes!



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  1. Was Bob in his usual “rousted out of bed” attire like the anchor drift alarm? If so, perhaps s’plains a lot about why the boarders left……………….Seafox


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