Cape Lookout Side Trip

April 23, 2016 – Kelly, Donna and the Broad’s joined us for a afternoon cruise to Cape Lookout lighthouse.   Out in the deep dark ocean for hours!  Not really, out in the ocean about 1 mile or less from shore, in 30 feet of water…..

We also met a number of loopers at the dock.  At one point, there were 5 boats that were doing the loop, some halfway around and others, like us, just starting.   To show that all types of boats do the cruise there were trawlers, express cruisers, new swift trawlers, and another Carver.    We also had a Coast Guard Cruiser come to the dock so the Coasties could get a bite to eat.

Nice folks all, and some of the boaters are going to the America’s Great Loop Organization conference in Norfolk, where we are headed on the 28th.


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  1. Ahoy Mates! So glad you did this! While I can’t join you, I look forward to more stories, pictures and fun that I can join in absentia. Make sure you drop a note in a bottle here and there just to see if it ends up someplace interesting. Be safe and may you have fair winds and waters ahead. Love Cathy and Fred


  2. “Vicariously “ is a word I have never really liked but I have to use it now with great envy. My admiration to you guys: first for the refurbishing/rebuilding of the vessel to extent you did; second for casting the dock lines and “doing it”…now I love those words.
    Mike, thanks for setting up the blog site, I will happily track the progress of you and the other Loopers as you cruise the Great Loop. Remember, keep it between the red and green channel markers and it is “red-right-returning” just gotta know if you are coming or going.
    Safe Travels,
    Michael Coats


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